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Training in Thailand

Early this spring, before it starts to really get awesome outside, we’re gonna avoid the tail end of the cold. When there will probably still be snow on the ground from the patented Northeast late winter blizzard that we all have grown accustomed to, we won’t be here. Those frigid temps that seem to keep Punxsutawney Phil in his hole every February 2nd will be left behind. Why? Because we’re headed to the land of smiles, Thailand. 

This March 12th through March 26th, I will be hosting a camp at Khongsittha in Thailand. It’s open to everyone, not only to Stay Fly members, but I would love to have a few familiar faces come with. 

If you’ve ever been interested in training in Thailand, this is your perfect opportunity.  The training here is awesome. The accommodations are comfortable, and the itinerary is packed full of the good stuff. 

We’ll spend solid hours in the gym, smashing it. We will go on a few trips to see some stuff in the area. We’ll get a real taste of the areas surrounding Bangkok, and we’ll be among friends with similar interests. 

It really is an awesome opportunity to get a ton out of a trip. 

Here’s the link to the trip, so you can get an idea about it.

If you’re interested, email or call 215-300-0031. 

Stay Fly, homies,


Thanksgiving Schedule

Hey Stay Fly party animals!
The holiday season is already upon us as we prepare to Give Thanks this Thursday. 
We’ll be modifying the schedule a bit this week, due to the holiday. 
This Wednesday, regular classes will be cancelled, but we will be holding an Open Gym from 4-7pm that is free & OPEN TO ALL!!! 
No experience needed, but those who train elsewhere are welcome!
Thursday and Friday we will be closed. There will be no Fighters training at 7am on Saturday, but regular classes Saturday & Sunday will return as normal. 
Hope you all eat your weight in goodness and give thanks properly. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!