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Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

A very proud coach - Stay Fly Muay Thai

Howdy party animals,

I just wanted to write up a small post about how proud I am of our team. Really, it's been an amazing year since we first opened our doors on January 6th. We have a full roster of fighters that have really been awesome. 

Here's our list of fighters, some with impromptu nicknames...Joe "Jose Pistola" Logan, Kenny "Juggernaut" Jones, "cloudy with a chance of" Tim Solitro, "Furious" George Pitsakis, Tony "the blazin' Blasian" Briggs, "Smokin'" Chris Joynt, Kasey "sweetheart" Matthews, Charlie "the Spaniard" Brenneman, and Justin "the Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz all competed this year under the Stay Fly Muay Thai banner. That is quite a list.

We're ending the year with an incredible pair of weekends. 

On 12/4, Joe "Jose Pistola" Logan fought in Thailand on the King's Birthday event against a much bigger Kiwi opponent and won a clear decision in impressive fashion. 
On 12/5, I fought for the WMC American title on the King's Birthday event in Virginia and won via TKO in the 3rd after hurting my opponent with a head kick. On 12/6, Kasey won a 2nd round submission via omaplata (which never happens) in Lancaster. On 12/12, Tony, George, and Kenny all won their fights in Voorhees, NJ. Tony did great for his first fight, and finally showed us what he looks like when he's angry. George looked like a seasoned vet in there against a very good opponent, and Kenny...he just was scary. He smashed his opponent in the first round and amazed everyone in attendance with his ferocity. On 12/13, Kasey fought again (yes, a week after her last fight) and looked noticeably better than her previous week's performance. She landed great stuff and I thought she definitely did enough to secure the win, as did one other judge that night, but lost a split decision to a tough opponent. 

We are INCREDIBLY proud of them. And you all should be very proud of them a well as of yourselves. We could not find success in the ring without the support of our teammates. All of your help and inspiration is invaluable. We are a team. 
Scratch that, we are the world's most righteous team!
Thanks to all of you for all the help.

Now let's conquer China!