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Happy Nai Khanom Tom Day!

Hey Party People,

Happy Nai Khanom Tom day.  For those of you that don't know what Nai Khanom Tom Day is, it's a day to celebrate the history of Muay Thai and the story of Nai Khanom Tom. For those of you not familiar with the story, it is an incredibly important part of the Thai cultural history as well as the history of Muay Thai.  Here are a couple resources to help your ignorant self!

Nai Khanom Tom day is a day to celebrate the tradition of Muay Thai and its role in the development of a free and uncolonized. It's also known as "trainer's day" and the day to show respect to your trainers.  In the larger sense, this holiday is more than being about your Muay Thai coaches. It is a day to give thanks and acknowledgement for any sort of mentor or trainer that a person may have gotten help, motivation, or instruction from.  So send a message or a text or give a call to somebody who had an impact on you, took you under their wing, or showed you how to be awesome.

We will be having a celebration at Stay Fly Muay Thai to commemorate Nai Khanom Tom day, party a bit, and watch the Lion Fight 14 event on Friday, 3/28. This will be our first of a new tradition we're looking to create at Stay Fly, a "$5 Friday" traditon.   We will be having, probably once a month, a "$5 Friday", where students from other gyms, prospective students, buddies, family members, and anybody who wants to get awesome, can come by and train, and stick around for a bit of a hangout afterwards.  This will be a potluck-style grub out festival. Instead of donating $5, you can bring an appetizer, side dish, or a dish that would feed a dozen people or so. It's going to be a great way to have people get to know each other, chat a bit, and hang out and watch fights and stuff. When there is a big event like a Lion Fight or Glory, we will be watching it.  Otherwise, we will be watching old fights, Muay Thai movies, and awesome stuff like that. 

Come through, get awesome!

Ok party animals, STAY FLY!