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Stay Fly Muay Thai - Muay Thai Philadelphia - Current News

The Stay Fly Muay Thai fight team is growing and establishing itself at local shows.  This past Saturday, at the Gut Check event in Newark, Delaware, two of our fighters got a chance to showcase their skills.  

Our Chris Joynt had his for kickboxing fight in a K1 rules match against Mike Gill.  Chris fought very well and out worked his opponent with bursts of aggressive combinations, earning himself a victory by decision. That same night, Joe Logan stepped in to fight a Muay Thai rules match against Nathan Boisvert. I knew it was going to be a technical fight, and I was right. It was a real pleasure to watch Joe mix straight aggression and power with his technical style.  Joe hurt his opponents leg and overpowered him through the fight and was awarded the decision. 

We were hoping that Kenny Jones would get a fight, but his opponent backed out and a replacement couldn't be found. This coming weekend, Kenny will fight on the Trinity Kickboxing event in Holmdel, NJ. I'm eager to see Kenny get in there. His transformation had been amazing and he has lost a ton of weight and looks great. He's going to do well, I know.

We have tickets for the event at the gym, so let it be known if you'd like to go!