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Kids Muay Thai Classes in Philadelphia at Stay Fly Muay Thai

Kid's Classes

Recently, we've started a program to give the next generation an opportunity to find the joys and reap the benefits of training the greatest sport in the world, Muay Thai.  It's been an incredible amount of fun. 

The idea was simple.  I had never even heard of Muay Thai, beyond seeing the movie "Kickboxer" with JCVD, until I was 20 years old.  I always said that I wish I could have been introduced to Muay Thai when I was younger.  I had this conversation with a bunch of my students over the years and many of them said the same thing.  Then, I began to realize that many of my students had children. They would mention things casually like "yeah, let me know whenever you guys get kids' classes and I'll get my little guy (or girl) in there". So, I decided that we should do it. I started to put things in place so we could have a class for the kiddies.  

I started to look at the logistics of when would be a good time to hold our kids class would be.  Most of the people I know who were interested in enrolling their kids in Muay Thai classes train regularly themselves. So, instead of trying to set up a time for the kids class and working it around our current schedule at a time that would make sense for the adults to come and drop them off, or stay and watch the class, we decided to have a simultaneous class for adults and children.

So, this is how it works.  Our adults and kids classes are at 11am until 12pm on both Saturdays and Sundays.  We separate the students into 3 age groups.  First, we get the boys and girls from about age 6 until about age 10 in the youngest group. The second group is from about 11 years old to about 15 years old. Finally, the adult class will be for  students about 16 years old and above.  

The goal of the classes is to try to get the family together to share an activity that is great for physical fitness, confidence,  discipline, and is a ton of fun.  So far, the response has been great. I'm excited to expand the classes into a full program for different age groups.

Through the month of May, we're holding classes for $10 for a student and $5 for each additional family member. A father and son duo can train for $15. A mother and two sons can train for $20. A father, a mother, and two daughters can train for $25. A father and four daughters can train for $30. Figure it out and bring the family through and train!

Check out some pictures and some videos of the kids and adults doing awesome things. 

Putting in Work! 

Putting in Work! 

Cool Shirt right?

Cool Shirt right?

How cool are these, one of our Tiny Students made Muay Thai Shorts for a project. 

How cool are these, one of our Tiny Students made Muay Thai Shorts for a project.