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This past weekend, we had a get together at the gym to watch the Glory events.  It was a great time to hang out at the gym, grill some grub, and spend some time with our friends. The fights we got a chance to see were really amazing. The Glory 17 event on Spike TV was awesome. We got to watch some of the top 145 lb talent in a 4 man tournament.  One of my previous opponents, 

Gabriel Varga, came out on top after beating a top Thai opponent from Sitmonchai  and Shane Oblonsky in the final.  It was an awesome event.

Also, Andy Ristie knocked out Ky Hollenbeck with a left hook that I could almost feel from Philadelphia. 

Tragically, the Pay Per View event did not work at the gym. However, our buddy Artem Levin, who taught a couple of seminars at Stay Fly Muay Thai won the 8 man tournament in an excited night packed of amazing fights. 

I had many buddies compete, and it was awesome to see them making it. Special congrats to new welterweight champion, Joseph Valtellini. 

Here is an article about the event. Check it out.