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Warrior's Cup 6/14 - Stay Fly Muay Thai

Warrior's Cup 6/14

Last weekend, I had the honor to be asked to be the head referee at the Warriors Cup in New Jersey.  The main event was an international WBC title fight that pitted Eddie Martinez vs. Kronphet Phetrachapat.   The co main event was a US WBC title fight between Brett Hlavacek and Cyrus Washington. 

It was a great honor to be asked to be a part of this historic event as the head referee. The role of referee is something that I am excited about.  It is an opportunity for me to impact the sport of Muay Thai in a facet other than being a fighter.

My confidence as a referee is continuing to grow.  The split-second decision making is stressful.  There have been times when I have second guessed myself and worried if I had made a good decision and kept the fighters safe.  

After this event, many people have expressed to me that my officiating is accurate and careful and they have told me that they appreciate my work.  That is great to hear.  It makes my confidence and comfort with my responsibility skyrocket.  I hope to continue to improve and be the best referee that I can be. 

Thank you to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, its head Nick Lembo, and promoter Chris Tran for the opportunity. 

Here is a write- up on the event.