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K-1 Fights in China - Stay Fly Muay Thai

Good day boys and girls!
I hope you are all doing well after an eventful and fun holiday season. It certainly was eventful for us at Stay Fly Muay Thai. 
Most notably, our very own patriarch, Justin "the Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz and our top up-and-comer Joe "Jose Pistola" Logan had the honor and privilege to represent the USA on K-1's China vs. USA event in Changsha, China on New Year's Day.
Joe faced a young but experienced fighter named Lei Peng Hui. In their match, Lei came out strong and had Joe backpedaling through the first round with wildly aggressive hand combinations. Joe sank a few hard low kicks in during the first round, but the round definitely went to the Chinese fighter. 
Second round started with much of the same, but with some slight adjustments made by Joe. He started to really accumulate leg strikes and it was about one minute into the second round that the tides turned drastically. 
Joe began to visibly damage the Chinese fighter's legs. He slowed noticeably and Joe began to pull ahead. 
The third round was do or die time for Joe. He needed to score a knockdown to win the fight. We knew that the judges would be reluctant to award a decision to Joe, we knew he had to dominate. So, he did just that. Every strike to the Chinese fighter's leg resulted in several steps back accompanied by a painful grimace. 
Towards the end of the round, the hometown fighter would be unable to fight, barely able to stand on his battered legs. 
Joe was awarded the TKO victory and the first K-1 trophy that Stay Fly would win during the evening. 
Later that night, I was slated to fight a K-1 veteran who, similar to myself, has fought international top level fighters. In his last outing for K-1, he fought very aggressively. We expected more of the same. 
However, the Chinese fighter came out much slower this time, and I was feeling comfortable with my timing. I was having a blast, working everything that I could hear my corner yell among the quiet Chinese fans. 
I just felt as if I outclassed my opponent, easily seeing every strike he threw. 
I was awarded the unanimous decision against a popular hometown fighter. 
It was a great night. Both of our fighters came out victorious on one of the largest stages in the world. 
That's how it's done!
We are bent on global domination in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled and Stay Fly! 

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