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Stay Fly Muay Thai - 1st Birthday is in the books!

Hola amigos!
So, this past week, Stay Fly Muay Thai celebrated its first birthday. 
That's right. We've been here, doing this for a year now. It's wild to think about. 
What a roller-coaster ride the first year was.
There was lots of uncertainty as we opened. It was definitely not how we planned to do things. It was uncomfortable and stressful and lonely. But I wouldn't change one second of it, because what we have today is beautiful. 
The coaches, fighters, and students are amazing. It's truly the greatest bunch of people that I've ever had the pleasure of training with. I'm very blessed to call these people my friends, and be able to regularly train with such incredible beasts. 
This year, we will have more than 15 fighters compete under the Stay Fly banner, at all levels of competition.
In the last year, we had a fighter fight in the UFC, two fighters fight for K-1, one fighter fight as the main event on Lion Fight, a fighter win a WMC title on the King's Birthday, two fighters fight for Friday Night Fights (one as the main event), a fighter win a Warrior's Cup title belt, and fighters fight in New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington DC, Brazil, and China! 
That's a hell of a year. Expect even more in 2015. 
Bent on Global Domination!!!