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Kenny "Juggernaut" Jones's Fight - Stay Fly Muay Thai

This past Saturday, our very own Kenny "Juggernaut" Jones would step in the ring to compete for his first amateur title agains Dwayne Lynch.  The winner would be awarded the 179 lb Gut Check Championship title belt.  

I met Kenny a few years ago when he began training.  He was a much bigger man in those days, tipping the scales at around 360 lbs.  Kenny trained casually for a few years, but really decided to take the next steps and begin training like a fighter when we opened Stay Fly Muay Thai last year.  Already much lighter than when we had originally met, he began to really get into shape when he decided he wanted to  compete. He began fighting in May of 2014, and only 9 months later, would be competing for his first title belt and his fifth fight (after many cancellations as well).

Kenny has become a solid Muay Thai practitioner. He's big, strong, busy, technical, and doesn't gas.  He's a scary man in the ring. I'm really glad he's on our team.

This Saturday was no different.  Kenny was bent on taking that belt home.  From the first bell, Kenny was swinging to end the fight.  He was maybe overly concerned with finding the knockout. He bullied his opponent around the ring. However, his opponent was very tough, and swung back viscously.  At the close of the first round, Kenny landed a flush head kick that stumbled his opponent, followed by a second that sent him backwards into the ropes. As the round ended, Kenny stood in the neutral corner as the referee gave a standing eight count to Dwayne.  

We were sure his opponent would not answer the bell. But he came out strong and continued to fight the entire fight.  Kenny proved to be too much for his opponent and overwhelmed him.  He won every round and was awarded a beautiful green and gold belt and the Gut Check Championship title!

We are incredibly proud of him, for all that he has done.  For any of you who have ever met Kenny, you know how genuinely awesome of a dude he is.  For any of you who know his story, you know that he's been through a whole lot. For any of you who know the story of Stay Fly Muay Thai, you know how much he has done for us.  

Honestly, I can't think of another person who is more deserving of success than our boy, and I'm so happy for him.  

For any of you who don't know who Kenny is, keep your eyes open.  He is going to do some real big things in this sport.