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Jordan Stiner - Stay Fly Muay Thai - Philadelphia

This Saturday, Jordan Stiner stepped in the ring against Stephen Regman of TSMMA. 
Jordan came to Stay Fly a few months back. He came to us with a strong fight background, a great record, strong wrestling skills, and incredible gameness. Over the past couple of months, he's worked hard to improve his striking, and he has gotten much sharper. He has a unique style that I didn't want to tamper with. I did, however, see some places that he could really tighten up. We got to work. 
Over the time we worked together, Jordan continued to train regularly with his team at Renzo Gracie PA and their affiliate gym here in Philadelphia. He'd make the trip a few times a week just to sharpen his striking with us here at Stay Fly Muay Thai. He's a quiet guy whose determination is evident after talking with him for only a moment. 
During training camp, Jordan had the privilege to become a father of two beautiful twin girls. 
With the incredible responsibility of his new babies, he continued to absolutely work his bag off everyday. It was an inspiration to watch this stud's work ethic.
I was excited to be a part of this fight as one of his cornermen.
It was clear from the start of the fight that Jordan's wrestling was too much for his opponent. I can't take any credit for that, or for his incredible toughness, but it sure was a pleasure to watch. Jordan controlled the fight for the first two rounds. He maintained control and was close to forcing his opponent to quit a few times. 
As the third round started, he shot for a takedown and got caught in a slick anaconda choke. It was Jordan's only mistake in a beautiful performance. It was, however, the only mistake he would have the chance to make, as Stephen finished the fight with the choke. 
It definitely was a real heart break to have Jordan chalk that wrong column. 

Even so, I can't tell you how proud of him I am. He's a great fighter and I became a real fan on Saturday night. He showed amazing skills in the fight and without a question, everyone knows how great he is. As a coach, I'm blessed to work with such a dedicated, hard working fighter. As a fight fan, it was a real pleasure to watch such a monster at work. As a friend, I'm proud of Jordan for his awesome performance as a fighter and his amazing new role as a dad. 

Congrats, buddy. I know that's not what people usually say after a loss, but I mean it. Congrats on being a true awesome dude and a great fighter. I know you'll be a great dad.