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Nikki McCrae Bio - Strength & Conditioning

Nikki McCrae

KiK is a trainer who really finds joy in a good sweat.  So he has focused his career on how to kick some tail in no time flat.  A wiser more mature KiK (Nikki) knows when to say GO! and when to say not yet…  KiK confidently gives a hard core workout with a sincere smile and a method to the madness.  “Fitness should be fun” are words to live by in his book and nothing spells fun quite like swinging Kettlebells.  He is certified in Kettlebells by Maxercise in '09 and Killing It With Kettlebells in 2013.  KiK’s workouts are organic and results focused.  He started his career path in 03' with his 1st certification and 1st job at LA Fitness.  Certified by N.A.S.M. in 04' his knowledge of the body was based in experience and technical reference.   His first love was martial arts so he studied hard and gained his black belt in taekwondo in 1995.  Nikki naturally took to dance and when he moved to Philadelphia he would “break” with crews like - The FooT and - ZEN One Dance Collective where he took the name KiK and still answers to that name today.  KiK is currently certified through the International certification PTA Global and focuses on energy system development and Strength & Conditioning for his training style.  Using movement system training styles like KicKBoxing, Kettlebells and Olympic lifting.  He has a gift for seeing where the movement is breaking down and adjusting.  He knows that fitness isn’t a membership package, it’s a lifestyle, so he gives his clients all the support they need to change their environment and set positive, attainable goals.