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10/1 Gut Check- Newark, DE - Stay Fly Muay Thai

10/1 Gut Check- Newark, DE

This weekend, we had a few fighters step in the ring for their first time under the Stay Fly Muay Thai banner.  Mike Rakay has fought a few times before, but never with our team.  Aaron Rhoades and Calvin Au both have done smoker competitions, but never have stepped up to a sanctioned amateur competition.  We were excited to see all three of the dudes step in there and do their thing.

First, let me say how proud I am of all of them for the great job they did.  They've decided to compete, which is a huge first step. Then, they completed the incredibly difficult task of the rigorous preparation of a fight camp. That is by far the toughest part of fighting.  Finally, they really all did a great job in the ring on Saturday.  

Our first fighter of the night was Calvin.  He fought a fighter from Jack's Gym in Delaware.  We were on his turf for this one. Also, they asked for Glory rules, which is just a bit out of our comfort zone.  Fighters fight, we say, so of course, we agreed.  

As the fight began, Calvin looked calm and composed.  He landed hard strikes that clearly affected his opponent. His punches were crisp and hard, stumbling his opponent back, setting up his kicks and knees well.  At the close of the round, he earned an 8 count by dropping his opponent with hard punches.  

The second round was more of Calvin dominating his opponent.  His opponent tried to swing back and was hurt.  He had dislocated his shoulder. It wasn't clear if the injury was due to a strike from Calvin or if it was from swinging punches, but he was unable to continue due to injury.  We wish him a speedy recovery and thank him for the opportunity to compete.  

Next up was Mike Rakay.  He was to compete against a fighter from Rami Elite.  Originally, he was scheduled to fight an opponent from Jack's Gym, but a couple days ago his original opponent had car trouble and would not be able to fight.  Thankfully, there was an opponent from Rami Elite who stepped up to take the fight.  

Right away, Mike came out swinging hard shots and looked to end it early. His opponent showed true grit and was tough as nails.  Mike dominated the fight clearly, being the aggressor and leading the action.  He was the better fighter of the night and was awarded the unanimous decision victory.  

Our last fighter of the evening was Aaron Rhoades.  Our youngest fighter at Stay Fly, Aaron is only 17 years old.  This would be his first amateur fight.  He was originally scheduled to fight a fighter from Rami Elite who was 15 years old.  The fight was changed for him to fight another fighter who was 17, but who had 2 amateur fights.  Aaron had worked hard, so we decided to agree to the new fight and have Aaron step up against a more experienced opponent.  

As the fight started, Aaron pushed the action and was swinging big punches. He knocked his opponent around the ring and was clearly the stronger fighter.  As the fighter's clinched during the fight, Aaron took a few knees to the groin. it clearly shook him.

As round 2 began, his opponent started finding shots and weather Aaron's aggression.  Then Aaron began to take his foot off the gas pedal.  He became frustrated and hurt after the few knees to the groin and never quite pulled himself back together.  In the third round, Aaron's opponent pulled ahead with lots of unanswered strikes that scored well.  

It was not what we all know Aaron can do, but it was a learning experience. We're all excited to see him pick himself back up and get back in there.  

All in all, it was a great night of fights.  Thanks to everybody who came to show their support.  If you see the dudes, tell them congrats.  They did well.

Until next time, Stay Fly, kiddos

-papa purple