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Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

New Schedule

Hey everybody. We're in the process of working on updating some of our schedule.  We will be doing our best to continue to try to offer a schedule that best fits the needs of our students.

At Stay Fly Muay Thai, we aim to offer classes that are designed for everyone.  In doing so, we will be adding additional classes that are based in some more intense strength and conditioning focus as well as some beginner only and advanced student only classes.  The goal is to offer more specific training to suit each student's needs.  

We will be updating our schedule to include extra classes, so stay tuned to see the updated schedule posted online.  Right now, we're looking to try some new things out and see how students respond to the new things offered to them.  Starting in the new year, we will be really looking to revamp a bunch of things in our programs and offer a lot more specificity in classes and programs.

It's all very exciting and keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon.