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Times for class, bag, and strength training

What's up everybody? I just wanted to clear some stuff up for everyone as to what we offer at our facility outside of classes.  We've recently updated our schedule.  We now offer an open gym for training from 4:00pm-6:00pm daily. This is a perfect time to use the weight training area, hit some bag, or get some work in with your fellow students.  This is a great time to utilize the Strength and Conditioning protocol, which is provided daily to follow.  Also, this is a great opportunity to get some Sparring and Clinch work in with your teammates.  

Previously, we had specific times for Sparring and Clinching as well as Strength and Conditioning.  Now, we will include those into the Open Gym times. Additionally, students will have free reign of the strength equipment during all times that we are open at the gym. Lastly, during classes, we will ask that students not hit the bags. However, as the warm up for each class begins, during jump rope and shadowboxing, students who are not taking the class are welcome to hit the bags.  We just want to perpetuate a culture at the gym that encourages students of all levels to attend as many classes as possible while simultaneously offer the place for students to get additional work outside of training in the classes.  

Please keep your eyes open for postings about class times and about our program updates as well as look for signs posted in the gym.