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8/16 Blog- Strikers’ Cup - Stay Fly Muay Thai - Philadelphia

8/16 Blog- Strikers’ Cup

Greetings party animals!  

This weekend, Stay Fly Muay Thai had the pleasure to step in the ring and do what we love to do at The Strikers’ Cup in Voorhees, NJ.  It was a rare treat to have an event so close to home. 

Two of our most noble of homeboys, “Furious” George Pitsakis, and Kenny “too tall” Jones, stepped in the ring to represent the proud name of Stay Fly Muay Thai.  Both fought under our banner against opponents from Tiger Schulman MMA.  I’m not going to say that TSK/ TSMMA is exactly like Cobra Kai, but they may or may not be known for fighting in sleeveless karate gis. This weekend, I certainly did feel like Mr. Miyagi and think of both Kenny and George like incarnates of Danei Larusso.

Kenny and George had been training hard by painting my fence, sanding my floors, and waxing my car.  They really were destined to win with a special technique that “if do right, no can defend”. 


George was the first of our guys to step in the ring on Saturday. He looked composed and smooth.  He used great clinching technique and outworked his opponent.  He mixed up his techniques and looked really great, controlling the fight the entire time.  We couldn’t have been more proud of his display of technique. He is a great representative of our style and made the judges’ job of coming to a decision very easy.  He was awarded the fight by a unanimous decision.


Next up was Kenny.  He only had a few days notice for this fight, but has been staying in the gym consistently and putting the work in.  He started out a bit rushed, but quickly found his range, landing hard low kicks on his opponent.  They started to take their toll immediately and in the 2nd round, his opponent sat down from leg kicks.  He got up and continued, but Kenny stayed on his leg and earned himself a decisive victory.  


Stay Fly Muay Thai goes 2-0 on the night and earns a couple decisive victories over Tiger Schulman.  I couldn’t be a happier coach.  Make sure you tell Kenny and George congratulations when you see them!!!!