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Motivational Monday- Go Murder Today

This week is already underway, whether you are ready for it or not. 

Don't let the week be something that happens to you. Go out there and be something that happens to the week.  Impose yourself on your time.  Start filling your time with things that will make you better.  Stop listening to the radio.  Start listening to podcasts that will make you better.  Stop reading clickbait articles about the "5 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2017" and start reading books that will teach you a thing or two.  Turn off the reality TV, or the fluffy shows to that keep you from thinking and start ingesting things that will enrich your life.  

Put down the junk food.  Stop taking breaks.  Stop sleeping in.  Stop scrolling through social media.  Put down your phone. 

Pick up a book.  Pick up a pen. Write down your goals, your thoughts, and begin to formulate a plan.  

Time is going to tick away all day anyway, you better have made a good use of today before its gone.  

If you fail, i've got great news.  The sun rises tomorrow and you get another shot.

No matter what your goals are, the easiest formula for accomplishing it is this.

Wake up early. Grind all day. Stay up late. Repeat.  

Stay Fly out there killers. Go murder today.