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Schedule updates!!! New and improved Strength and Conditioning program.

Howdy sports fans.

Boy, do we have some exciting updates at Stay Fly! 

We are expanding our schedule. Included in our new schedule will be a 7:30 Strength and Conditioning class and Muay Thai classes that will be held simultaneously. We will have a few new coaches teaching some classes geared to teaching our members some tools to make them bigger, stronger, faster, better versions of themselves. I'm excited for this addition. 

Classes will be small as they start, so utilize them to get the extra attention from coaches. 
Monday and Thursday night will be led by a new face at Stay Fly, a Strength and Conditioning powerhouse with lots of experience working with fight sports, Shawn Langdon. 

Tuesday night will be an introduction to Olympic Weightlifting with Creed WLC's Daniel Sandoval. 

Wednesday will continue to be a Kettlebell focused class run by Kik. 

We will hold a simultaneous Muay Thai class on the main mat space at 7:30 Monday-Thursday with a specific concentration each night. Check the new schedule online to see all the updates. 
Be sure to check in to class on the app. 

See you dudes and dudettes at the camp. 

Stay Fly