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Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

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Stay Fly Muay Thai - Philadelphia - New Muay Thai Gear

Hey guys. 
We just got some hot new gear from Kimurawear. It's pretty righteous. 
We got sweet new shinguards and sweet new gloves. 
The shinguards are for sale for $60, $50 for Stay Fly members. 
The gloves are $75, $60 for Stay Fly members. 
It will be mandatory that all students have their own gloves, shinguards, mouthguard, and hand wraps for every class. 
There will be a one week grace period for new students to purchase their gear. 
We will also have equipment available for rent. Gloves and shinguards will cost $2 to rent for a class. 
Towels will be available for rent as well for $2 or $1 for a small hand towel. 
Water bottles are always for sale for $1. 
Also, we'll be looking to sell a lot of our old loner gear. If you'd like to purchase a pair of gloves or shinguards, let me know!
We'll sell old pairs of gloves or shinguards for $10 each and our old slip on shinguards for $5. 

In addition, we will sell a starter package for $100 that includes gloves, shinguards, hand wraps, and a mouthguard. 

Get on it dudes!
Stay Fly, 

Trinity Kickboxing Championship 11/14 - Stay Fly Muay Thai


Joe "Jose Pistola" Logan is one of the most exciting up-and-coming fighters in the country. Mark my words. In a few months, he'll be among the top ranked fighters in America. 

He's a wildman with a heart attack style and a serial killer stare. He's a brutal fighter whose favorite pastime is taking home people's legs. 

We are all incredibly excited for him to step back in the ring this Saturday at Trinity Kickboxing Championship as the main event against Amine Ballafrikh in Howell, NJ. 

He's looking lean and mean and ready to kill. I can't wait to see it. I really hope I can enjoy myself and not have a heart attack. 

Tickets are $40 and available at Stay Fly Muay Thai. Please purchase your tickets directly from us.  

We will be carpooling, so let it be known if you need a ride. Hope to see you all there! 

Stay Fly, kids.