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Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

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Howdy sports fans!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Heads up- our schedule has changed slightly. 
From now on, the gym will be open 4:30-8:00pm every evening, available to be used before classes for extra bag work or hitting pads or sparring with other students. It will be available during open gym times as well as class times for strength & conditioning work in the fitness area also. Utilize all the awesome the equipment at your disposal. It’s available for your use. 
By popular demand, evening classes will be bumped up to the hour and be held 6:00pm & 7:00pm and no longer be for specific techniques. Classes will include a variety of themes and techniques and be mixture of technical drills and cardio work. Classes will be geared for all levels unless otherwise noted on the schedule. 
Please speak up and let us know how the schedule is working out, how you like the changes. More classes will be added and schedule will be adjusted as needed. 
Stay Fly homies,

Our New Programs - Stay Fly Muay Thai - Philadelphia

We are now introducing our new programs at Stay Fly Muay Thai.

We have decided to offer 3 different memberships available at Stay Fly Muay Thai.   These memberships include our Built to Stay Fly program, Learn to Stay Fly, and Stay Fly Crew programs.  

The Built to Stay Fly program is designed to offer Muay Thai with a focus on fitness for the everyday person who wants to get stronger and leaner while increasing their cardiovascular fitness.  This program will include classes that are designed to keep heart rates high and build muscle.  Don't want to fight, but want to look the part? This is the program for you.

The Learn to Stay Fly program is designed to offer a very technical Muay Thai class that will equip the student with the tools of the sport.  The goal is to teach the students the subtle and complex art of 8 limbs.  This program will be technique heavy and teach the student to thoroughly understand combinations and subtlety that separates our style from the rest of the gyms with our extensive experience.  This is what sets us apart, our expertise and understanding of Muay Thai that is unparalleled.  

Lastly (and most excitingly) the Stay Fly Crew program will be a completely comprehensive training regimen. This program will include both the conditioning intense classes in the Built to Stay Fly program and the technique intense classes in the Learn to Stay Fly program, but will include some classes that are designed for the serious practitioner.  These classes will not be available for other students and will be the place that we look to do some sparring and clinching drills as well as some fight tactics and situational drills specific to competition.  

Additionally, in this Stay Fly Crew program, we will be looking to offer a goal based personally tailored training program. This will outline a recommended diet, strength and conditioning program, and schedule for training that is based in getting results based on personal goals.  

I'm really excited to be offering these new programs and can't wait to get things going.