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New Schedule with Strength and Conditioning Classes!!! - Stay Fly Muay Thai - Philadelphia

Hey homies and homettes!
Hope you killers are still flying high on the local sportsball team win in the championship of the universe. It was exhilarating. 
This coming week, there will be a new schedule, starting on Monday 2/12/2018! The changes include the addition of a Strength & Conditioning class every evening Monday-Thursday at 6pm-7pm, led by our new Strength & Conditioning coach, Shawn Langdon. We’ll put a post out this week to introduce him to all of you that don’t know who he is.
He will also be teaching a Strength & Conditioning class Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7am, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 12noon, & Saturday at 9am. 
11am classes will be moved to a more lunchtime-friendly slot at 12noon. 
So, our morning & daytime schedule will be getting a revamp, with classes 7am & 12noon Monday-Thursday. Also, Saturday 9am and 10am for adults with kids at 11am. Sunday isn’t changing yet. 
In the near future, keep eyes peeled for additional Strength & Conditioning classes in the evening, a possible addition of a yoga class, some LADIES’ CLASSES & some KIDS CLASSES in the next few weeks.
The schedule will be updated on the website on Sunday!
Stay Fly Boys & Girls!


Howdy sports fans!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Heads up- our schedule has changed slightly. 
From now on, the gym will be open 4:30-8:00pm every evening, available to be used before classes for extra bag work or hitting pads or sparring with other students. It will be available during open gym times as well as class times for strength & conditioning work in the fitness area also. Utilize all the awesome the equipment at your disposal. It’s available for your use. 
By popular demand, evening classes will be bumped up to the hour and be held 6:00pm & 7:00pm and no longer be for specific techniques. Classes will include a variety of themes and techniques and be mixture of technical drills and cardio work. Classes will be geared for all levels unless otherwise noted on the schedule. 
Please speak up and let us know how the schedule is working out, how you like the changes. More classes will be added and schedule will be adjusted as needed. 
Stay Fly homies,