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Philadelphia's Muay Thai Mecca

Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

Pj Sweda Jr. 

My ultimate goal is to be a more active fighter then I've been in the past. The only way to do that is by taking my lifestyle to the next level diet wise. I need to lower my walk around weight and stop blowing up between fights, so I don't have to focus on getting ready every time. I'll stay ready.

Why did I start training Muay Thai? That's easy, for the girls! For real, I've been a grappler for years and I wanted to up my striking for mixed martial arts, but my mind set changed very soon after starting at Stay Fly. I fell in love with Muay Thai and decided to peruse competing in the sport. It's a freaking science!

When I moved to Philly I decided to hit "open mats" up at multiple gyms in the area to decide where I was going to be calling my "second home". Stay Fly became that home to me for a few reasons. I felt unjudged and welcomed at Stay Fly. I also love watching and being in technical bouts. I feel Justin really focuses on that here. Oh, and the awesome facility too!