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Philadelphia's Muay Thai Mecca

Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

My Goals: I would like to eventually go pro in Muay Thai. Become a recognizable name. Be a fighter people look forward to watch fight. Inspire others to do the same.

Why I started training Muay Thai: I was and still am a fan of the UFC. So at the time I figured I'd give it a try. See what it's like. And because I enjoyed the stand up part of MMA more, I thought it would be a good idea to start with Muay Thai. I found a local gym that happened to be one of the top gyms in the city. With an accomplished trainer/fighter and plenty of amazing amateur fighters it was easy to fall in love with the sport. I'm still a fan of MMA but I've become passionate about Muay Thai and dedicate a lot of my time to it.

About Stay Fly Muay Thai: After training for about four years at this other gym I wasn't completely happy. I was also going through a rough time in my life. I decided to leave. Didn't necessarily know what I wanted to do. Depression was becoming a serious problem for me and life didn't have much purpose. Suicide was never a thought, but death wasn't feared. Around this time a friend of mine told me about Justin opening up his own gym. Suggested we check it out. I knew who Justin was and knew he was always entertaining to watch fight. Always thought the "we fight sexy" thing was a little bit corny. But then again I take pride in my corny jokes so I figured I'd fit right in. I eventually reached out to Justin and joined the gym. I can now say that it is one of the best decision I have made. Stay fly muay thai has a large part in curing me of my depression. Justin and the rest of the team have become family to me. Stay fly Muay Thai has changed my life and I am forever grateful to be a part of an amazing gym.