STAY FLY! MUAY THAI in Philadelphia | Stay Fly Muay Thai

Philadelphia's Muay Thai Mecca

Welcome to Stay Fly Muay Thai, the Philadelphia Muay Thai Mecca and home of Justin "The Purple People Eater" Greskiewicz. The awesomest place to get awesome. Awesome.

Want to Stay Fly?  Come and Train Muay Thai!

Here is our current Schedule:

(You can sign up for classes at the bottom of this page)

6:00 am- Muay Thai-Justin
12:00 noon- Muay Thai- Justin
5:00 pm-Youth Muay Thai- Cristen + Kartinya
5:30 pm- Boxing- Justin
6:00 pm- Muay Thai-Justin
6:00 pm- Strength & Conditioning- Shawn
7:00 pm- introduction to Muay Thai- Grose
7:00 pm- Sparring, Clinching & Contract Drills-Justin
7:00 pm- Strength & Conditioning-Shawn

6:00 am- Strength & Conditioning-Justin 
12:00 noon- Muay Thai -Justin
5:30pm- Boxing-Justin
6:00 pm-Sparring, Clinching & Contact Drills- Justin
6:00 pm- Intro to Muay Thai-Grose
6:00 pm- Strength & Conditioning- Meghan
7:00 pm- Muay Thai -Justin
7:00 pm-Strength & Conditioning - Shawn

6:00 am- Muay Thai - Justin
12:00 noon-Strength & Conditioning -Justin
5:00 pm- Youth Muay Thai-Isaac + Esher
6:00 pm-Muay Thai- Isaac
6:00 pm- Fighter Strength & Conditioning- Justin
7:00 pm-Muay Thai-Justin
7:00 pm-Strength & Conditioning- Kik

6:00 am-Strength & Conditioning- Shawn
12:00 noon-Strength & Conditioning- Shawn
5:30pm- Boxing- Isaiah
6:00 pm-Muay Thai- Derek
7:00 pm-Muay Thai- Derek

5:30pm- Boxing- Isaiah
6:00 pm- Captains’ Practice- captains 
7:00 pm- Captains’ Practice Sparring- captains

7:00am- Fight Team Training- Justin
10:00 am- Strength & Conditioning- Kik
10:00 am- Youth Muay Thai- Lisa+ Cristen
11:00 am- Muay Thai - Lisa

10:00 am- Youth Muay Thai-Kartinya + Esher
11:00 am- Boxing- Isaiah


Training from $125 Monthly

$200 for pack of 10 day passes (use as desired)

$25 daily drop in fee


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